Jonathan Jones

Advisory Board Member

Fermentation Research Team Leader, Corteva Agriscience

Paul D. Coverdell Center
500 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
United States

A 2013 graduate of the University of Georgia, Jones holds a B.S. degree in BioChemical Engineering from the College of Engineering. While at UGA, he served as senator for the College of Engineering and was inducted into UGA Blue Key Society. In 2013, he received both the Black Engineer of the Year Award for Student Leadership and the Outstanding College of Engineering Student Award. In 2020, Jonathan earned his MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a double major in Supply Chain Operations and Marketing.

Jonathan currently serves as the Fermentation Research Team Leader in BioProcess Sciences and Technology, an R&D division of Corteva (Kohr-`teh-vah) Agriscience in Indianapolis, IN. In this role, Jonathan leads both the Fundamental Fermentation Group which houses the 250-mL disposable ambr fermentation platform and various other SIP reactors as well as the Fermentation Research Group which houses almost 100 2-L DasGip glass reactors. Both these laboratories are responsible for the evaluation, development, and advancement of new natural products, microbial strains, and process optimizations.

The day after graduation, Jonathan moved to the Monteverde rainforest in Costa Rica to assimilate global environmental standards for the carbon footprint assessment for the UGA campus. In July of 2013, Jonathan joined the Dow Chemical Company as a Production Engineer in Harbor Beach, Michigan. Jonathan continued his career through various engineering disciplines with then Dow and now Corteva Agriscience, completing stints in Manufacturing, R&D, and Project Management. Jonathan has spent the last 7 years focused on the development and manufacturing success of fermentation products. 

Jonathan has earned his Six Sigma Project Leader certification, 2 Dow Chemical Company Technology Center Awards and 1 Corteva Innovation Technology Award. He is the recipient of the Eugene M. Deloatch Legacy Award at the 2018 Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) Global Competitive Conference. The award recognized his work to establish a company-sponsored STEM outreach program for students, teachers and parents in Michigan and Indiana. In addition, Jones is a member of UGA Alumni Association’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2018. This program celebrates the personal, professional and philanthropic achievements of UGA graduates who are under the age of 40. He currently serves as the global co-chair for the Science Ambassadors program within Corteva Grows and is a site implementation leader for the business resource group, the Global African Heritage Alliance (GAHA).