Katherine Shayne

Alumni Board Member

Co-founder & CEO, Can I Recycle This, Inc.

Paul D. Coverdell Center
500 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
United States

Katherine is a faculty member at the University of Georgia College of Engineering and  Co-founder and CEO of Can I Recycle This, Inc., a company using AI to help citizens understand the end-of-life of their products through social media and technology. She received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Georgia, where she also earned her B.S. in Environmental Engineering. Katherine does researcher in environmental sustainability focused on global materials management and marine plastic litter for the Jambeck Research Group and UGA New Materials Institute. She has a passion for bridging science and technology with business and mitigation strategies in communities, especially in terms of waste management and new materials. 

Katherine currently teaches at the University of Georgia, instructing engineering design courses for environmental engineers about civil infrastructure such as landfill and MRF planning and design.  She worked overseeing EMF New Plastics Economy pilot projects for Think Beyond Plastic working towards a plastic free ocean with industry leaders. Katherine is also a Sustainable Ocean Alliance Youth Leader, where she is currently facilitating a working group to address governments in Southeast Asia about plastic pollution. The group has youth representation from over 20 countries around the world. She is a SWANA Young Professional, SCUBA diver, and ocean lover.

Katherine has presented research about plastic pollution to the Indonesian government at the First Annual Marine Plastic Debris Summit in 2016 in Jakarta. She presented her research at the 69th Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, Students for Zero Waste National Conference, and 6IMDC. Katherine presented on innovations and entrepreneurship in a new plastics economy at Our Ocean, SOA Youth Leadership Summit, and ACHEMA 2018, one of the largest process industry exhibitions in the world.